This process includes the entire areas coverd in fabric sides, backs, pillows are also included
at no additional charge.

Our technicians will inspect the fabric first and give you an honest idea of what you can expect
the results will be.

As with our carpet cleaning process, all our upholstery cleaning agents are all safe for your pets as well as children.

The diagram on the left is a example of results we have achieved on a love seat.

Left side of love seat is heavily soiled.
Notice the differance on the right side after our special process.

We thoroughly Pre-extract any loose soil with our heavy duty extractor.

The solution is then extracted out completely leaving your upholstery deep down cleaned and sanitized.




We test first to determine the safest method for your particular fabric.


This is our reinspection step that insures your satisfaction.



We specialize in all types of fabrics such as Cotton, Velvet ,Chinz, Haitian Cotton, along with other dry cleanable fabrics that common cleaners are simply not qualified to handle. We also are able to handle more common fabrics including Micro Fiber.

We are one of the few companies that can perform a dry clean or wet clean process at no additional charge.

Pristine Clean Upholstery Cleaning

Pre-treatment of arms & headrest where the body oils come in contact with the fabric.

We then apply our special solution which disinfects as we clean and loosens the deeply embedded soil at the base of the fibers.