We deep extract all your carpeted areas with a special industrial extractor. 

All your corners and edges are also vacuumed very thoroughly.

We then use our post extraction process to completely remove all the foam along with any excess moisture. This step leaves your carpets approximately 80% dry. 



Carpet Cleaning


We then pre-spot the carpet with our own professional spotters working on any stains or heavy traffic lanes that need a little extra attention.

We apply a special residue free foam. This is gently massaged deep into the carpet fibers with a rotary machine. this process loosens the oily traffic lane soils and suspends these soils in the foam. In this step we also add a deodorizer and disinfectant,
which sanitizes your carpets as we clean.

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Pristine Clean carpet cleaning process:

Our Multi-step system is based on the fact that it is the utmost importance to deeply extract the dry soil 1st before any moisture is applied.




We then hand groom your carpet which lifts the nap and allows your carpet to dry in less time. Our customers claim this step makes the carpets look like new !

Note Certain stains such as pet stains will be treated with our special digestive enzymes after the cleaning process is completed. This treatment is for light pet stains only. This treatment is included in our cleaning process.

For severe pet odor that may presist would need to be handled for an additional cost (See Pet Odor treatment for details). We also offer red dye removal if necessary at an extra charge.

We do move light furniture such as Sofas Love Seats, Arm Chairs, Coffee Tables, Etc.. We do not move Beds, Cabinets, Electrical items, Book Cases, Pianos, any lamps or other breakables. 

This is our post inspection where we reinspect and respot if needed.